Barton Court Satellite Expansion FAQ

Q: Is it envisaged that students/teachers will travel between one site and the other or will they be constantly in one site.

A: The school will be large in size with 10 forms of entry so there will be a large staff body who will work across both sites. New staff joining the school will be contracted to work on both sites. The senior leadership team will have presence on both sites. It is expected that students who attend the Herne Bay/ Whitstable annex site will have some provision at the Canterbury site to ensure they benefit from the facilities we have to offer in Canterbury. This will be pre-planned when timetabling across the whole school is designed. We also have to be mindful of the carbon footprint of moving students as one of the main purposes of expansion in this locality, rather than in Canterbury, is to provide local provision to local students/families to reduce the time spent travelling, financial costs associated with this as well as environmental costs. Therefore any time at the main school site will be significantly less than that spent on the annexe site.

Q: Are there plans for students who are currently at BCGS in Canterbury to move to the satellite site when this opens.

A: There are no plans at this stage to do so it will be open to new Year 7 students at that time.

Q: Are there plans to work together with other local secondary schools.

A: BCGS is very keen to continue to work in a positive way with other local providers in the best interests of our students and the wider communities we serve. The satellite will cater for additional need identified in the Kent Education Commissioning Plan for students who have passed the Kent Test and/or deemed of selective standard in Y7 from 2022 onwards.

Q: What is the criteria for a satellite? How close does it have to be to the original school site?

A: Barton Court are not aware of a specific distance that is viewed too far. Many schools run across more than one site/campus. We would not be looking to open a satellite in another county for example. This bid is focussed on providing additional need identified in an area which we traditionally serve as part of our catchment area. 43% of Barton Court students currently at the school live in Whitstable or Herne Bay

Q: How will this run as one school?

A: The school will be one school of 10 forms of entry. It will have one DfE number, one local governing body, one Headteacher, one senior management team and one team of staff. It will have one set of policies, for example for admission, uniform and behaviour. It will be one school running across 2 sites as the current site is no longer big enough to expand further.

Q: What happens if the bid is unsuccessful, what is plan B?

A: KCC have identified a basic need for additional school places and it is their statutory duty to provide these. If the bid is unsuccessful they will have to look at other options to accommodate the extra 5 forms of entry, 150 students, of selective standard who will have no school place in 2022. Barton Court does not have the capacity to expand any further on its current site so KCC may approach other local grammar schools to test feasibility of expansion on current sites.

Q: What if the pupil numbers in KCC Educational Commissioning plan are incorrect or not as high?

A: Public funds will only be spent if the need is identified and verified by the DfE. Public funds are limited and if there is no need then funds will be directed elsewhere. If the numbers are smaller than projected then the new block being built will be smaller and plans will be amended to accommodate this.

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