Vision and Values

BCAT Mission Statement:

Barton Court Academy Trust (BCAT) will provide aspirational educational opportunities in all its academies to improve the life chances of its children and young people; delivered through strong partnerships between staff, students and parents that share our core values of excellence and equity.


High Aspiration
Independent Thinkers

Barton Court Academy Trust is committed to providing high quality educational provision to all its students. We believe passionately that education has the power to transform the life chances of every child and that there should be no barriers to our students’ learning, personal development and well-being. Every student is nurtured to become a confident and fulfilled young person.

We are also committed to supporting all our staff, who are our greatest asset. Therefore all BCAT staff have access to high quality training and development so they will have successful and fulfilling careers.

We agree with Professor Hargreaves who stated “Great classrooms make great Schools”. We are a School based Trust that agree with this simple, yet profound statement.

We place the child first in all that we do and in all that we aspire. We are uncompromising in our desire to improve and for all our schools to deliver outstanding education.

You will find this aspiration throughout our website and that of our individual schools.