Mr R Morgan


Barton Manor School

Mr Morgan is the headteacher at the Barton Manor School.

Mr Morgan has been part of BCAT since the beginning, firstly working at Barton Court Grammar School as a Senior Leader until he went to CDS in June 2016 for school improvement.  Mr Morgan left CDS in July 2023 following supporting school improvement from a ‘special measures’ Ofsted rated school to a ‘good’ Ofsted rated school in March 2023. Mr Morgan worked at BMS for one day a week when it first opened in September 2022 to support with implementing policy and procedure. He then became headteacher in September 2023.

“I feel honoured to be the headteacher at the Barton Manor School.  I say with confidence that a critical difference between a successful school, and one which is less so, is its culture. Successful schools have a culture of excellence which is evident in every classroom, focused not simply on the best grade possible, but on the education of the whole child, and creating a passion for learning. Teachers have high expectations of their pupils and pupils have high expectations of themselves. In successful schools, pupils believe anything is possible and they see the strong partnership their school has with their parents as fundamental to making their aspirations a reality. My vision is very much about building this strong culture within Barton Manor School providing every possible opportunity for our students, both academically and pastorally so that when they leave us, they have gained a strong set of exam results and a strong set of values underpinned by their work at school and at home.’