Barton Court Academy Trust (BCAT) Teacher Training Routes

BCAT consists of 3 secondary schools:

  • Barton Court Grammar School
  • The Charles Dickens School (joined on 1 March 2017)
  • Barton Manor School (a secondary Free School) opened to Y7 in September 2022.

We can offer teacher training and a career in teaching in all 3 schools. You will be joining a very experienced MAT with a track record of success in all teacher training pathways.

BCAT works in partnership with a variety of teacher training providers who offer different routes to QTS:

  1. Canterbury Christ Church University - PGCE placements (non-salaried)
  2. East Kent Learning Alliance - School Direct Programmes (Salaried and non-salaried positions)
  3. e-Qualitas - Teacher Apprentice Programme, Salaried School Direct and School Direct Tuition Fee.
  4. Teach First - (Salaried Programme)

BCAT Current Vacancies
Subjects on offer for 2023-24

Subjects Possible ITT Provider
Art Non-salaried (CCCU / EKLA)
Biology Salaried (EKLA/ eQualitas/ Teach First)
Business Salaried Teach First
Chemistry Salaried (EKLA/ eQualitas/ Teach First)
Computing Salaried (EKLA/ eQualitas/ Teach First)
Design & Technology Salaried (EKLA/ Teach First)
English Salaried (EKLA/ Teach First)
Non-salaried (CCCU)
Geography Salaried & non-salaried (EKLA/ eQualitas/ Teach First)
History Non-salaried (CCCU/ EKLA/ eQualitas)
Languages (MFL) Salaried (EKLA/ Teach First)
Maths Salaried (EKLA/ eQualitas/ Teach First)
Music Non-salaried (CCCU / EKLA)
PE Non-salaried (CCCU / eQualitas)
Physics Salaried (EKLA/ eQualitas/ Teach First)
Religious Studies Non-salaried (CCCU / EKLA)

Please find below further information about each of our four providers and the teacher training programmes they offer:

1. Post Graduate Certificate of Education (CCCU):

BCAT works with CCCU to offer the PGCE training route. The PGCE Secondary course is an innovative and intensive nine-month course preparing you, as a graduate, for the demands of teaching in the secondary sector. You will be awarded a PGCE and recommended for Qualified Teacher Status, enabling you to teach in schools on completion of the course. The course is organised in partnership with schools around Kent and Medway where you will spend 24 out of the 36 weeks teaching in two different schools.

Subjects you can train to teach in are:

  • Art & Design
  • Computing
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences

Each year BCAT indicates to CCCU the subject placements we are able to offer in order to provide High quality training to student teachers.

For further details about the PGCE Programme at CCCU and how to apply, please refer to:
PGCE Secondary (QTS) - Canterbury Christ Church University

2. School Direct Programme (EKLA) (Salaried and non-salaried positions)

What is the School Direct Programme?

The School Direct Programme is an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) route that provides schools with the opportunity to shape the future of ITT and is a way for schools to grow their own teachers and future leaders. School Direct can make a key contribution to a school improvement strategy and improve the continuing professional development of your own staff. Successful completion of a School Direct course is the beginning of the journey to qualified teacher status (QTS). Trainees can also choose to follow the School Direct PGCE route at an additional cost to themselves.

BCAT works in partnership with the East Kent Learning Alliance to recruit high quality trainees and provide a rich, informative and engaging training programme.

Benefits of applying for School Direct with EKLA

  • EKLA has a strong tradition of highly successful ITT
  • EKLA offers both the full time and the part time School Direct programmes, thus giving you greater flexibility and better meeting your needs
  • EKLA has a secure relationship with a range of teacher training providers
  • Trainees will be provided with a comprehensive programme of Professional Study
  • You will receive administrative support for advertising and recruitment to School Direct
  • You will be fully involved in the selection/recruitment process
  • You will have access to support from an experienced school direct EKLA Lead through face to face visits at your school and regular email communication as a minimum

EKLA recruits to both School Direct training options:

  • School Direct Training Programme (non‐salaried)

This is aimed at high‐quality graduates who want to be part of a school team from day one. Applicants may be eligible for a bursary to support them while they train. This route has no financial implications for the school. The trainee pays their own QTS and PGCE training fees and does not receive a salary.

  • School Direct Training Programme (salaried).

This is an employment‐based route for high‐quality experienced graduates with at least three years’ full time work experience. Colleagues will earn a salary while they train; minimum UQ1 plus on costs. The school is also responsible for paying the trainee’s university course fees. Depending upon the subject and phase, the school could receive a subsidy from DfE to contribute towards the cost to the school.

Each year BCAT offers training placements in variety of subjects. For the 2023-24 cohort, here is the list of placement offers:

For trainees on a School Direct (salaried) training route, EKLA gives grants to School Direct lead schools to contribute to the trainee’s salary and training costs. The same grant amount is available regardless of the location of the lead school. Grants are paid on a per trainee basis. For 2023 to 2024 EKLA is offering grants of:

  • £27,000 for chemistry, computing, mathematics and physics trainees
  • £25,000 for geography and languages (including ancient languages)
  • £20,000 for biology and design and technology
  • £15,000 for English

Why apply to train with us?

  • You will be placed in a local "Outstanding" or "Good" school for your placements
  • You will spend more time in school than trainees on a ‘traditional’ PGCE route
  • You will be training alongside outstanding teachers and lead professionals
  • You will receive excellent professional development within our partnership schools and with our University Partner: Christ Church Canterbury University.
  • You will experience the diversity of excellent education providers in different types of schools within our Trust
  • You will still have access to the Canterbury Christ Church University facilities e.g. libraries etc.
  • You will be supported in seeking employment on successful completion of training.

What are we looking for in a candidate?

  • Enjoyment of your subject and the ability to communicate this to young people to stimulate interest in lessons and promote learning
  • Capacity to be reflective and evaluate your teaching and students’ learning
  • Adaptability and the ability to work under pressure
  • Great inter-personal and team working skills
  • Good attendance, punctuality and professionalism
  • Good spoken and written English
  • Previous experience of working with children and young people
  • Familiarity with recent educational developments and trends

For further details about the School Direct programmes and how to apply via EKLA, please refer to:
School Direct Places - East Kent Learning Alliance (

3. e-Qualitas

Teacher Apprentice Programme, Salaried School Direct and School Direct Tuition Fee.

eQ have re-written and re-launched their curriculum following the ITT Market Review and the re-accreditation process. The new curriculum has been very well received over the first half-term of this academic year and eQ are excited to announce that for 2023-24 they will be offering the following:

April 23

  • English
  • Maths (with £15,000 salary grant funding)
  • Chemistry (with £15,000 salary grant funding)
  • Physics (with £15,000 salary grant funding)
  • Biology (with £1,000 salary grant funding)

September 23

  • English (with £6,000 salary grant funding
  • Maths (with £18,000 salary grant funding)
  • Chemistry (with £18,000 salary grant funding)
  • Physics (with £18,000 salary grant funding)
  • Biology (with £11,000 salary grant funding)
  • Geography (with £16,000 salary grant funding)
  • History
  • PE

Applications for both cohorts are now open. e-Qualitas continues to offer the Teacher Apprenticeship Programme, Salaried School Direct (all with the same funding as above, + £9,000) and School Direct Tuition Fee.

For further details and information about how to apply, please refer to:
Training Routes - e-Qualitas Teacher Training

4. Teach First

What subjects are available to teach on the Teach First Training Programme?

Subject availability

The accordion below shows which curriculum areas are currently available. Curriculum areas in 2022/23: The following subjects are available to teach:

  • Business
  • Computing
  • Design and Technology
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Maths
  • Modern foreign languages (French and Spanish)
  • Music
  • Science
  • Religious education

Teach First regularly updates their page with subject availability. Make sure to check back to see if your desired subject is still available.

If you get a place on the Training Programme, they will match you to a subject. This will be based on the needs of the BCAT schools and your eligibility to teach it.

For further details and information about how to apply, please refer to:
Training Programme | Teach First

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